Dear Clients

I would like to take this opportunity to send you all some information related to COVID-19 and the running of the practice.

The practice is still open.  The Government have introduced new Medicare items for eligible clients which allows them to have sessions via telehealth or phone for those who have an existing Medical Health Treatment Plan.  Eligibility details can be found on my fees page.  For all others, face to face consultations will continue.

I have altered my fee structure to account for those clients who have recently become unemployed or who are experiencing financial hardship.  Please see fee page for these details.

We are in a unique position at the Gilbert St practice to continue face to face servicing whilst maintaining social distancing given, I am the only practising Psychologist on site.  I do ask that on arrival, you wash your hands and maintain social distance at all times.

Attending therapy is important to not only manage emotions surrounding social isolation, but worries around family and friends and adjusting to life and the unknown.  It is also important to continue the therapy you have already started.  It is likely that this adjustment to our lives will continue for some time to come, so we do need to adapt to this.

EMDR clients will continue to receive treatment at the practice by utilising a wand which is 1 metre long.  This will ensure social distancing whilst ensuring ongoing treatment for many.

May I say, that for those of you I have seen since this pandemic, I have been amazed at your resilience and capacity to be dynamic.  It is important during these times, that we take care of ourselves, follow the advice given and take care of one another.  Phone your friends, get on Skype, play some online scrabble, build a vegie garden, paint that old fence and say hello and wave to your neighbours.  Stopping can be powerful.  Use this time to reflect on what’s important.  And stay well.